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HKTV to launch DVB-T2 service in Hong Kong

HKTV to launch DVB-T2 service in Hong Kong



Communications Authority Approves the Application by HKMTV for Changing its Transmission Standard to DVB-T2 for its Mobile Service

After careful review, the Hong Kong Communications Authority (CA) approved an application by Hong Kong Mobile Television Network (HKMTV) to amended its Mobile TV Licence, authorising HKMTV to change its transmission standard to the T2 Lite profile under DVB-T2 standard using the 8 MHz of spectrum assigned and in accordance with the specific technical parameters stipulated in its amended Mobile TV Licence. The amended Mobile TV Licence makes it clear that HKMTV is authorised to provide a Mobile TV Service for reception by such portable or mobile devices as approved by the CA at moving locations in Hong Kong, which does not involve reception by specified premises, whether through an inherent receptive link such as fixed wiring, or physically/technologically linked equipment such as a fixed antenna or an In-Building Coaxial Cable Distribution System.

The 8 MHz of spectrum assigned to HKMTV under the Mobile TV Licence will expire on 30 August 2025.

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